Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tick tock. . .tick tock. . .

For those of you to young to remember, back in the olden days clocks used to make a sound that people called "tick tock."

Okay, it's too warm out for us Mainers to make any attempts at humor!

But, the clock is ticking; there's 11 days left to knit or crochet something for the Big Contest! We happen to know there's many of you who haven't sent your photos in yet.

The latest entries are. . .Sea Star knit by Betsy Schubert in the colorway Little Monsters:

EviePants knit by Jenn Steingass in Nautilus:

Beth Collins knit this hat in Mamma Mia, and you can find the pattern on her blog, Demonic Progress:

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