The Nautilus Scarf

You’ll need:
1 skein Good Karma worsted weight 60/40 wool/alpaca yarn
Size 10 needles

There is no exact gauge for this scarf. I suggest you either simply start knitting, or you make a swatch in garter stitch (all rows knitted), to see if you like how  it looks.

This pattern uses short rows. Do not fear - short rows are easy! If you’ve never done them before, you’ll understand them thoroughly after knitting this.

How to Wrap & Turn:

Knit the amount of stitches stated in pattern. One wraps and turns the next stitch. It is not knitted. The "wrap & turn" manipulates the working yarn in such a way as to prevent holes being made as one works a short row, as follows: With yarn in back, insert right hand needle purl-wise into stitch on the left hand needle.Transfer stitch to right hand needle. Bring yarn to front. Transfer the same stitch back to the left hand needle, being careful not to twist it. Turn your knitting around. Bring yarn to front. Proceed knitting.

Sounds complicated? It’s not, once you get the hang out of it.

Cast on 19 stitches.

Repeat the following 8 rows until you run out of yarn or the scarf is as long as you like:

1. K7, K2tog, YO, K1, YO, K2tog, K7
2. K6, wrap & turn
3. K6 (back to edge)
4. K3, wrap & turn
5. K3 (back to edge)
6. Knit all stitches
7. K6, wrap &  turn
8. K6 (back to edge)
9. K3, wrap & turn
10. K3 (back to edge)

You may use stitch markers, if you like, to mark the beginning of the bit of lace in the center of the pattern. Place a stitch marker before the first K2tog, and after the second one, in row 1. I recommend discarding the stitch markers and any tool you might be using to count your rows, after you’ve finished a few pattern repeats. This way, you’ll be forced to “read” your knitting. With this simple pattern, it’s a great opportunity to learn this useful skill.

Have fun! I hope you enjoy knitting this scarf as much as I did.