Friday, May 13, 2011

The Nautilus Scarf

This new colorway of yarn inspired me. It reminded me of our Belfast coastline - blue water and pebbles, bits of crumbled old sidewalk, and foundations of buildings never built or built long ago. I set out to make a one skein project, and having made quite enough fingerless mitts for a while, a scarf was in order, a long scarf, one that was perhaps more decorative than useful.

I wanted the form to look organic, and indeed, it felt like the scarf was growing right off my knitting needles. Alas, it was not true, for I still had to knit 210 yards of yarn!

I'm not complaining. It was fun, but not as much fun as we had playing with it!

All coiled up, it looks like it might have grown here, along with the lichen:

And yes, it functions quite well as a scarf. Amy will be happen that I've cropped out her face to give you this close-up:

The pattern is here. It's oh-so easy to knit, even though, no, it doesn't magically knit itself. If we find out otherwise, we'll let you know!


Raft said...

I'm in. I love a good contest.

Julie H. Rose said...

Great! If you're on Facebook, "like" GKFarm, and you can join the fray. They also have a Ravelry group.

Diane said...

I am trying to start this scarf but having trouble with the pattern. I was at the yarn shop today and they said the pattern didn't make sense. After you knit the three stitches and wrap and turn...the next step is to knit all stitches....there are only three stitches there...are those the stitches you are to knit or should turn and knit to edge and then knit all stitches?

Good Karma Farm said...

You're right, and I am so very sorry. Yes, knit the three stitches back to edge. THEN, knit across the row.

I've tested this pattern three time & didn't catch this typo. I wrote the correct thing in my knitting notes.

- Julie

Diane said...

Thanks Julie. Today I will get started.